Reflections on Pastor Isel and Lisy’s trip to the United States

As I reflect back on Pastor Isel and Lisy’s trip, it seemed like we were on the go everyday.  It was hectic and a blessing everywhere we went.  This was Lisy’s first trip to the United States.

We visited and Pastor Isel and Lisy spoke at eleven different churches in the Southwest District and two outside of our district.  We visited with Allen Spears, Agape Flights, in Venice, FL, the transportation for the water purification systems. We met with Kenn Visser of Water One Company in Fort Myers, FL, and maker of the water purification systems now in Cuba.

Of course, we had side trips to Walmart, Publix, Goodwill and many other shopping locations.  Lisy said, “I have never seen so much food and so many choices.”  Our abundance in this county is hard for the people of poor countries to even begin to imagine.

One side bar trip that was totally amazing for Lisy was going through the car wash! Her head was on a swivel as we moved through, splashing water, swinging brushes and blowing the car dry.  “Not in my wildest imagination did I think that was possible,” said Lisy. 

The visit to the Englewood United Methodist Foundation Preschool left a lasting impression with Pastor Isel and Lisy.  Preschools are not available in Cuba. 

Comments I heard days after the visit to the preschool included:

  • “We have space, we could do this.”
  • “We have mothers that would love to help.
  • “We have young mothers leaving their children at different locations.
  • "It is possible in Cuba for us to offer this type of service."
  • “Why not our church?”
  • “We need baby cradles, toys, Bibles for children and Christian material.”

I believe a seed was planted. Let’s nourish this project and see where God is going to take it.

At every location, Lisy would say, “Everyone is so friendly and warm I did not know what to expect when I arrived, but I did not expect the openness. This is totally different than what I was told about the United States. It took me 33 years to learn differently.”

I thank everyone for your hospitality during their month visit in the United States.

Dan Christopherson
Southwest District President