Water Purification Systems

There are fifty water purification systems (WPS) in nine districts in Cuba at this time.  How are they working? The testimonies, photos and video below are only a few examples of their success.

The water purification system is by far the most complicated and complex cause the Southwest District has tackled. From an innocent conversation in the back yard at the Tacajo church, we learned of the problem of contaminated water in Cuba. So, how can you get involved?

The next shipment of WPS with Agape Flights to Cuba will be July 30, 2019.  With your assistance, we will have the flight filled with water systems. How many is that?  Probably in the range of forty units.

Adopt A Water System

We are initialing a new program— "Adopt a Water Systems.”  Learn how:

  • A church in the U.S. could purchase a system for an individual church in Cuba.

  • A family in the U.S. could do the same, maybe for a one time family church in Cuba.

  • Systems can be purchased as a memorial of a loved one here or in Cuba.

  • Systems can be purchased in honor of a person or family member. 

  • If there are other ideas and thoughts, they will be considered on an individual basis. 

Cost of the system is $2,400.  Breakdown as follows:

WPS                                       $1,800   Extra set of filters included
Freight Agape Flight
Cuba Tax
Transportation in Cuba            $   600
Total Cost:                               $2,400

An extra set of filters is $327, and the filters will alleviate all lead deposits in the water. Ultraviolet light are $74. If you’re interested in Adopting a Water System, please contact us at ChristForCuba@gmail.com or call 941.468.7209.

If you’re not ready to purchase an entire system, but still want to help, you may donate at the button below.

The water purification system has been a great blessing for the elderly and children since the water they now drink is clean water.  Also, the water is now free and easy to acquire.
— Pastor Ernesto, Tacajo Church, Holguin Norte District

The water bottle on the right was the drinking water before the system was installed. The water bottle on the left is the difference the systems make.

The water bottle on the right was the drinking water before the system was installed. The water bottle on the left is the difference the systems make.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.39.43 AM.png

History of the WPS and the Mission Program

After two and half years of investigating, disappointment, getting back up and starting over, we found a supplier in Fort Myers, Florida. No one had ever done this before.  As we continued to pray, Allen Speers, CEO of Agape Flights, answered the prayers. Prayers were answered that day with Agape Flights in Venice, Florida, being approved to fly into Cuba.

Kenn Visser, from Water One Systems, and I made a trip to Cuba and investigated the many water challenges ahead of us. Through this trip, Water One Systems now had a better understanding of the challenges they needed to overcome.

Alleluia! We have been to Cuba and drank water from the installed systems!

We rejoiced with the people at each of the churches which have installed their systems and listened to the stories they told of the amazing changes they have already experienced from cutting their personal expenses to the tremendous response from the community who are already coming for clean water. Three of the systems are not yet installed as building is underway which will provide the correct places and connections for the systems, but we look forward to their being operational soon.

Everywhere we went in Las Tunas (and we visited a total of 16 churches!), people were talking about them and asking for them. We are putting together a video of our drinking from them to show our congregation and will share it with you. I believe that people here will respond generously once again when they see/hear the results.

We can never thank you enough for your spearheading this project and making this opportunity available to us.

Gloria a Dios por todas sus bendiciones.
— Martha Ross, Coronado Community United Methodist Church