Mission Trip

God’s Church is Alive and Well in Cuba

After our mission trip in February, I was convinced that God’s Church is indeed alive and well in Cuba. Our group visited seven churches in the North Holguin District. The story of each church was similar and exciting. When a church was started, the only worshipers were the family members of the pastor, but now several years later close to 100 people are worshiping each Sunday. Not only are the churches flourishing, but they all have missions in the surrounding villages. In addition to missions, there are small cells meeting at homes. Christianity is spreading throughout Cuba. It was extremely exciting to hear about the growth of the church in the communist nation. Many of the pastors left good-paying jobs to take their call. One remembered the first morning in their small shack and wondering if he could succeed. His old boss tempted him with a pay raise if he quit the ministry and returned to his old job. With the strength and dedication granted from God he stayed on his mission and built a new church building for the crowd of worshipers now coming to his church.

Hearing the stories of potential glorious growth in light of the many financial needs made it obvious how we Americans can assist our fellow Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba. They may be poor in material resources, but are so rich in their faith. The pastor of one of my church’s sister churches waved his hand around his worship building and told me it was all made possible by our donations. We started by paying the pastor’s salary of $360 per year and then listened to his needs and wants for the growth of his church. We felt the responsibility to help our Cuban Christians just as those in Greek and Turkish churches helped those in need in Judea nearly two thousand years ago. It is truly a blessing to assist our church family in need. And we all pray for each other. When I told the pastor of our sister church that I prayed for him and his church every day, he thanked me with tears in his eyes and told me how his congregation daily prays for us. Tearfully, I responded that we feel their prayers. The bond is very strong between sister churches.

Most of our team members did not speak Spanish well and we relied on our wonderful interpreters, but we discovered that most of the Cuban Christians knew three English words as they honored us with: “God Bless You.”

Our visit to our Cuban brothers and sisters helped us to realize that the true security is in holding onto God. God gave us everything, and most important, He gave us the salvation we share with our friends in Cuba. In the worst times He gives us strength and His peace. He also gives us American Christians compassion for fellow Christians and opens our hearts to help them.

Dr. Phill Kolbe






Bibles for Cuba

Bibles for Cuba is one of the many programs the Southwest Mission Program, Inc. supports. We have purchased more than 6,000 Bibles that have been distributed to more than seven districts in Cuba.  Last April at the largest Baptism in Cuba history, every person in the Holguin Norte District that was baptized was given a new Bible.  The enthusiasm and joy could be seen on every face that received a new Bible.  This is the same expression we receive every time new Bibles are given out.  Bibles in Cuba are a rare commodity and many people do not have a Bible or can afford to purchase one, so I thank everyone that has supported this program and continues to support the effort.

But what about the people with poor eye sight or who are blind?  What about the remote area’s that do not have access to a Bible? What about the people that cannot read?  What about people with special meads?  Are they not entitled to a Bible also? But you say, “How can we help them?”

For the pass six years, I have taking Galcom Recorded Bibles into Cuba. They are solar powered, no batteries involved.  I have distributed them throughout Cuba, and their performance and lasting power has been outstanding.  Because of that, their popularity has grown immensely. During my recent trip, I delivered six more units.  To fill the larger number of requests for the recorded Bibles I want to take 100 on my trip this coming October.  My intentions are to give two or three to every sister church pastor in the Holguin Norte, Sancti Spiritus and Guantanamo Districts.

I need your assistance to accomplish this mission.  I would like each sister church in the Southwest District to purchase two or three units for their sister church in Cuba.  They are $35 per unit.

If you think of the minimal investment involved and the impact this has on the lives it affects it’s a small amount.   Please see below a picture of the Galcom Recorded Bible, it is the size of a small cell phone.  For more information go to galcom.org.

Contact me to place your order for the recorded Bible.

Dan Christopherson

recorded bibles