The Power of Prayer

Matthew 14: 31: Jesus says, "You don’t have much faith.” "Why did you doubt me?" Well, let me tell you what has happened in the last few weeks on the Water Purification System (WPS) program.

I have had several meeting with Agape Flights, CEO Allen Speer, over the last few weeks to discuss the September delivery of the water purification systems. Agape Flight was instrumental in the successful delivery last year,  and we will be working with them again this year. The anticipated delivery dates are either September 19 or 26.

During one of my meetings, we both decided to order one more system and just place it in God’s hand and we will just let him take care of it.  I had afterthoughts because that's $2,400 we do not have, but I have committed. What if we do not get someone to pay for this? Who is going to pay for it?  I didn't even know where it was going.  I had many doubts that I had made the best decision for the district.

Then out of the blue, I had an email from a person making a donation of $1,200 to pay for half of a WPS!  Where did that come from?  After much thought and many prayers, the location was selected.  

Last March I visited for the first time, Ciego de Avila District and District Superintendent Carlos Luis Pando. When talking with Pastor Carlos, I learned no one from Florida had visited his district in three years. He said he had been praying for someone or something to happen for three years.  After three years of prayers, I feel they had "no doubt" that something good was about to happen. Their faith may have been stretched but never broken.

I just thought you would enjoy the power of God. Yes, we still need $1,200 to pay for this system but God has this under control. Please do not hesitate to tell this story, God has someone out there just waiting to hear this.

Half of the initial payment has been made to Water One for our September delivery. Thank you all for your support. Any questions please just e-mail or call me.

In Christ,